We care about student smiles

A pathway to a bright future is through higher education, where students are empowered to succeed – in academics and career, personal health and wellbeing. Schools across the country are providing a complete student life experience like never before. This includes access to quality dental care that students can afford, which schools must support in creative, responsible ways. 

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Built to meet the demands of a modern campus and diverse student body.

The top 2 reasons young people (18-34) do not visit the dentist more often are high cost and inconvenient access, yet 80% want to go in the next 12 months3.

So we created something beyond an insurance policy – we can deliver a total dental care system that meets schools’ unique needs. There are three key ways BrightSmile for Students distinguishes itself from other insurance offerings: 


Open up access to care through an on-campus dental clinic, at no cost to the school.


Make dental care affordable through insurance that’s easy to understand.


Create innovative funding potential for school administration offices.

Here’s how we keep it simple for you

Why BrightSmile for Students?

Annual premium means 12 months of coverage

Simple eligibility
only 2 requirements6

Go anywhere – no network to search

Over 200 services are covered4

Little to no out-of-pocket cost at Campus Smiles5

No deductibles or coinsurance

Oral care is a gateway to total health and a core need for young adults.

Oral health has a significant impact on medical costs and overall quality of life for everyone, including students. In fact, Healthy People 20201 identified oral health as one of its 10 leading health indicators, along with others like nutrition and obesity, access to care and mental health.

Good oral health is critical to performing basic daily activities like eating, smiling and talking. It is also important for relationships, communicating and financial prosperity. Conversely, poor dental health can have serious negative consequences including painful and costly health conditions.2

To help encourage and promote oral health for the college-age population, BrightSmile for Students was developed with low premiums, broad coverage and a plan design that is as simple as they come.

How it works

Students visit any dentist they want – there’s no network, and the plan covers over 200 of the most common dental services and procedures4.

Once a claim is submitted, the plan pays a reimbursement for 200+ of the most common dental procedures4 like routine dental exams, teeth cleanings, crowns, fillings, root canals, tooth extractions, emergency pain treatment and x-rays. All procedures and coverage amounts are listed in the school’s plan fee schedule5. The student is responsible for any amount the dentist charges beyond that. If a service is not listed, it is not covered.

To view website data sources, click on citation number.
Enrollment Varies by School

How to enroll

Some schools offer enrollment periods, typically at the start of the semester, and others allow enrollment all year long. No matter when a student enrolls though, they take their coverage with them, even when they go home for the summer or mid-year breaks.